What is the best Hemorrhoid treatment?

Get more fiber in your diet. Eat more high-fiber foods, avoid no-fiber/low-fiber foods. Dietary fiber is good for both prevention of hemorrhoids and for making them easier to treat. More dietary fiber is the closest thing there is to a universal cure; almost everyone needs it.

High fiber foods include certain whole wheat breads (look for the fiber percentage on the lable), brown rice, granola, fruits, nuts and leafy green vegetables.

Lotions, ointments and medicated creams can be effective in temporarily relieving (but not curing) the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids. You can get many of these over the counter at your local drug store.

For a long-term (permanent) cure, you need to attack your hemorrhoids at the source, treat the causes, not just the symptoms. Click on this link to learn about a proven cure for hemorrhoids that has helped many, many others.

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