Natural Cure for Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can Be Unpleasant at the Best of Times. Thankfully, there is at least one natural cure for hemorrhoids that will work for just about anyone. Most hemorrhoid medications only treat the symptoms, to make you feel better (less bad}. To really effect a cure, you must use methods that go to the underlying causes for hemorrhoids and remove them.

Causes of Hemorroids and how to remove them.  The exact causes of hemorrhoids are still debatable but most of us agree that it’s usually caused by lifestyle factors.  Listed below are the most frequent causes of hemorrhoids. Some of the numerous causes of hemorrhoids are constipation accompanied by straining, pregnancy, anal intercourse, long hours of sitting, heavy lifting, or aging. 

 Constipation, one of the major causes of hemorrhoids, is the individual's difficulty in evacuating bowel contents from the body, usually due to dry and hard stool. Frequent constipation is one of the main causes of developing internal and external hemorrhoids.

So generally speaking, irregular bowel movements, and imbalanced diet, and anything that causes undue stress in the anal area, can be the cause of internal and external hemorrhoids. The ultimate causes of hemorrhoids are therefore anything and everything that causes increased pressure, weak tissue and hard stool.

How to prevent hemorrhoids. Prevention is very important and regularly overlooked by most of us.  Prevention of hemorrhoids includes drinking more fluids, getting more fiber in your diet by eating more fruits, vegetables and cereals, exercising and practicing better posture. Do all that you can to prevent any increase in pressure on the rectal veins - the root cause of hemorrhoids.

Avoid sitting for long times without getting up and moving around. Preventing the recurrence of hemorrhoids will require relieving excessive pressure in the bowel, avoiding the pressure from straining to get out hard stool, and avoiding the injury that hard stool can do to the rectal mucosa.

About treating hemorrhoids. The keys to successfully treating hemorrhoids or piles are three-fold: temporary relief, preventive measures and topical applications to shrink and reduce size.  Many only rely on over-the-counter commercial preparations. These products may offer temporary relief, but without treating the condition itself, the symptoms are likely to return as soon as you stop using their product. 

You would not take pain relief for a broken arm without fixing the fractured bone, so why would you take pain relief for hemorrhoids without treating the damaged veins? We should familiarize ourselves with the best ways of treating them.

Herbal remedies and treatments have come of age and they are very efficient for treating different conditions including hemorrhoids. The main benefit of the astringent and anti inflammatory medicinal extracts in the product Hemorrhoid Care is their proven ability to safely reduce hemorrhoids. They are also useful for their non irritant quality when treating the anal area. Finally, as a last resort, one of the most common methods for treating hemorrhoids is surgery.

Cures for hemorrhoids. There are many options for natural cures for hemorrhoids out there, but one that seems to work for most people is the application of apple cider vinegar.  Cayenne pepper is another natural cure for hemorrhoids that you may want to try.  If you're looking for an herbal home cure for hemeroids, many have reported success with stoneroot.  Regular warm baths are a highly-recommended home cure for hemroids.

There are many over-the-counter treatments that can be helpful to provide temporary relief. This way you can get immediate relief plus a permanent cure for your hemorrhoids. Everyone responds differently to different things, so if one natural cure does not work for you, simply try another.

In summary, commercial preparations that treat only symptoms are not a cure for hemorrhoids. You must look deeper than that. As hemorrhoids can be caused by lifestyle factors, no treatment can lead to a cure unless you change your diet and sitting practices that were causing the problem. Rest Assured, there is a cure for hemorrhoids that will work for you.  If you suffer from hemorrhoid pain and would like to rid your body of it completely, then it’s time to look into a natural cure for hemorrhoids. For more information on safely and naturally curing hemorrhoids click here.

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