Question: Is there really a cure for hemorrhoids?

Answer: Yes, and it comes in four parts: Avoidance, Removing the Cause(s), Treating any Symptoms and Preventing Re-occurance.

Avoidance:  You are not born with hemorrhoids, they are not contagious, so you can't "catch hemorrhoids from someone else. They are caused by certain diet, work and lifestyle decisions that are under your control. You need to learn what these are and to avoid those things that may lead to a hemorrhoid problem

Removing the causes: There is a saying, "When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is to stop digging!" If you find yourself with hemorrhoids, the first thing you need to do is to stop doing those things that led to the hemorrhoids in the first place.

Treating Symptoms: If you have hemorrhoids you need to do what is required to stop the symptoms, to shrink the hemorrhoids and to get back to normal as fast as possible

Preventing re-occurances: You do this by changing the factors that led to the hemorrhoids in the first place, and doing the things necessary for avoidance.

The overall focus to cure your hemorrhoids is by changing what is causing them, putting an end to what is causing the symptoms and problems in the first place, make sure you take the steps needed to avoid their coming back and finally, curing and getting rid of your hemorrhoid problems for good.

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